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I can be suburban (Dinner’s in the oven)

The-Dream, on girlfriend Christina Milian:

And to clear this up, “Oh, she fuckin’ for tracks” and this shit, I be like these muthafuckas must be stupid. It’s a recession ain’t nobody got to fuck for tracks. We basically giving them away

But if she was, I’d understand. Terius is on fire here. Chameleon is all I’ve been listening to for the past 24 hours.

This is an uncharacteristic turn for The-Dream. Terius and Tricky normally go very maximalist on production: as many layers as possible, as many harmonies as you can squeeze into a track. More, more, more. (See: Rockin’ That Shit, Fast Car, etc.) Chameleon is almost an exercise in excising as much as possible from a song until it approaches the limit of nothingness, while still retaining its inner core of pop. While this M.O. isn’t too far afield from the early days of crunk (esp. Ciara’s Goodies) and snap, something about this still feels out of place in the musical landscape of 2009.