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March Jukebox?

Note to Self: Don’t let that happen again. Now that law school stuff is officially sorted, I think I’ll have time to write more. For posterity’s sake, here’s the little I churned out in March. Some of these were 12:30AM, half-hour ’til deadline, half-asleep pieces – wish I’d found the time to really get at why I love ‘Lewis’ but I’ve already churned out enough about Heartland over at Hoist – but there are a handful where I think I’m close to getting at something worth talking about (VW and Blake Shelton). Springtime is all about renewal. Time to rededicate myself to doing this properly. (Love and Theft is, in retrospect, totally country shlock and worth maybe a 5 or 6 but not a 7).

Avril Lavigne – Alice [3]
Erykah Badu – Window Seat [9]
Owen Pallett – Lewis Takes Off His Shirt [9]
Vampire Weekend – Giving Up the Gun [10]
Love and Theft – Dancing in Circles [7]
Gary Allan – Today [4]
Blake Shelton ft. Trace Adkins – Hillbilly Bone [8]
Yeasayer – O.N.E. [8]
Miley Cyrus – When I Look at You [4]
The success of ‘The Climb’ has apparently provided Miley with an answer to the question: “What exactly is my career arc once I’m too old to be Hannah Montana?”. This answer is apparently “Flood the market with ‘inspirational’ country-tinged ballads of the Diane Warren variety in a desperate attempt to pin down the Adult Contemporary market.” Cynical? Certainly. Smart? Probably. Tolerable? Barely.

Didn’t have time to review New Boyz – Cricketz but it’s yet another delightful jerk number that’s worth a spin or six.


The Rest of Jukebox, 2009.

Over at The Singles Jukebox, we’re mired in our 2009 Best-Off, which is amusing and yet taking longer than any of us anticipated. Thankfully, this gives me the opportunity to finally update with the rest of my year’s blurbs.

As usual, I’m at my most embarrassing and sophomoric when it comes to music I unabashedly love (see: Campesinos, Marina) than I am with that which I like with reservations or that unexpectedly grew on me. Work in progress, as always. The Annie one is another low point…the song hit my pleasure centre as a kiss-off in the style of Lily’s ‘Knock ‘Em Out’, and I somehow ended up coming off as an uncritical pusher of pop. One day I will figure out how to do this.

2010. Clean slate, rededication to thoughtfulness, less intellectual laziness and short-cuts, hopefully.

Los Campesinos! – There Are Listed Buildings [9]
Little Boots – Earthquake [6]
John Mayers – Who Says [8]
Marina & the Diamonds – Mowgli’s Road [9]
Annie – I Don’t Like Your Band [8]
Roisin Murphy – Orally Fixated [6]
Florence + the Machine – You’ve Got the Love [6]
Lady GaGa – Dance in the Dark [7]
Kid Sister – Right Hand Hi [8]
Rihanna – Wait Your Turn [9]
Leighton Meester ft. Robin Thicke – Somebody to Love [5]
Taylor Swift – Jump Then Fall [7]
Mark Mallman – White Leather Days [4]
The Cast of Glee – Don’t Stop Believing [3]
Busy Signal – Da Style Deh [9]

The Singles Jukebox: 2009 Best-Off
Round 1, Group 1
Round 1, Group 6

The Month in Jukebox

Donkeyboy – Ambitions [7]
Black Eyed Peas – Meet Me Halfway [7]
Death Cab for Cutie – Meet Me on the Equinox [4]
Reigning Sound – Stick Up for Me [8]
The-Dream – Sweat It Out [10]
T-Pain – Take Your Shirt Off [6]
Alien Beat Club – My Way [6]
Girls – Laura [8]
Vampire Weekend – Horchata [8]
Shakira – Did It Again [7]
Ellie Goulding – Under the Sheets [8]
Melody Gardot – Baby I’m a Fool [9]
Joss Stone ft. NaS – Governmentalist [6]
Egypt – In the Morning [4]
Karen O & the Kids – All Is Love [7]
Rihanna – Russian Roulette [5]

The Week in Jukebox

Julian Casablancas – 11th Dimension [6]
Jordin Sparks – SOS (Let the Music Play) [5]
Kid Cudi ft. MGMT & Ratatat – Pursuit of Happiness [3]
Gucci Mane ft. Plies – Wasted [8]
Dizzee Rascal – Dirtee Cash [8]
Eve & Benga – Me N My [8]

Have been in Chicago since Tuesday. Argh. Remember when I used to write?

TSJ, cont.

LSATs and laziness have distracted me from regular writing. Mea culpa. Been snagging too many albums that I *should* listen to but don’t have time to. Considering restricting myself to not acquiring an album until I’ve heard the last one I got in its entirety. Does this work?

Anyway, Jukebox:

Nneka – Heartbeat (Chase & Status Remix) [7]
This is great, but the original is 10x better.
Ryan Leslie – You’re Not My Girl [9]
Natalie Imbruglia – Want [5]
Boys Like Girls ft. Taylor Swift – Two Is Better Than One [3]
Trey Songz ft. Drake – I Invented Sex [6]

Poor showing from me this fortnight at the Jukebox. Need to get back on my grind.

Further Jukeboxery

Miranda Lambert – White Liar [9]
Miss Li – Dancing the Whole Way Home [6]
Nicki Minaj ft. Lil’ Wayne – I Get Crazy [8]
Plies – Becky [5]
Alice in Chains – Check My Brain [7]
Raekwon ft. Most of The Wu-Tang Clan – House of Flying Daggers [10]
Michelle Branch – Sooner or Later [5]
Future of the Left – Arming Eritrea [7]
Cheryl Cole – Fight for This Love [6]
Jason DeRule – Whatcha Say [7]
Mumford and Sons – Little Lion Man [7]
Taylor Swift – Fifteen [9]
Delphic – This Momentary [5]
Los Campesinos! – The Sea is a Good Place to Think of the Future [9]

The Week in Jukebox

Florence and the Machine – Drumming Song [8]
Ellie Goulding – Starry Eyed [10]
Miley Cyrus – Party in the USA [7]
Alexandra Burke ft. Flo Rida – Bad Boys [7]
Owl City – Fireflies [7]
Martin Solveig & Dragonette – Boys & Girls [8]
Jay Reatard – It Ain’t Gonna Save Me [9]
Morandi – Colors [4]
An answer to a question nobody asked. Namely, what would happen if mid-90s boy band vocals were paired with sub-par techno?
Jesse McCartney ft. T-Pain – Body Language (Remix) [7]
VV Brown – Game Over [8]
Cascada – Dangerous [5]
3OH!3 – Starstrukk [2]